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IMPORTANT NOTE: each user is limited to only ONE investment per day.

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How it Works

This is how you could earn extra Bitcoins with our system:

  1. Enter your Bitcoin address: this is the address where you want to receive the doubled BTCs.
  2. Make deposit: we have no complicated plans to confuse you. And no minimum and maximum requirements are there for your deposit. The only limitation is that you could only make investment once per day.
  3. Earn profit: just sit relaxed and wait until you get your payment in your Bitcoin wallet. Be sure that our payments are made automatically.

Bitcoin Investment Benefits

Instant Payments

Make your deposit and wait until the timer reaches 0 on your investment page. All payouts are made automatically.

Global Community

We have investors from all over the world. Our system makes it possible to accept investments from across the world with no limitation based on location.

Flexible Investments

We wanted to make sure that every user with every amount of Bitcoin would be able to invest with us.

Private & Quick

There is no sign up requirements when making investments with All you have to do is entering your Bitcoin address to receive profits. No personal information is required as well.

Referral Program

You could earn even more with our affiliate program. Partners could easily get more profit from their referral commissions.

Help & Support

Our customer support team is ready to provide you help and support with any question, issue or problem in any state of the investment.

Charts & Prices

Learn more about the latest Bitcoin charts and prices. You could also have a look at other cryptocurrency details along with our users statistics and investment numbers on the investment page.